Are Antique Stores Fun To Go To?... Ours is.


When I sat down to reflect on my life and how I became the proprietress of the Bucks County Antique Gallery, I realized it's been awhile since I had given much thought to my life journey. Too often, we don't take the time to let ourselves remember what lead us to where we are today.....

As a child my favorite thing to do was play make believe. I pretended my bedroom was my store! I spent hours rearranging my furniture and accessories and loved every minute of it! So, it's no surprise as an adult, I became an interior designer. I have always been drawn to the beauty and history of antiques and vintage items.

As an interior designer, I purchased a lot of my items from Drexel Heritage in Chalfont Pennsylvania. I sat with owner of the store and told her how it was my dream to someday have a store like hers. Someday became a reality, the owner retied her business and it became the Bucks County Antique Gallery!

In September 2001, I opened the Bucks County Antique Gallery. Needless to say, it was a conflicting time to open a business. The entire country was mourning the 911 tragedy. It was a struggle to say positive about my new venture while feeling the weight of something so much bigger than myself. I was resilient, just like the rest of our country, I moved forward but never forgetting. I took time and patience to create the store we are today.

I am proud to say the Bucks County Antique Gallery Inc. is Thriving! Our unique mix of antiques, new trends and Bucks County art somehow just works! We are an unusual destination that appeals to all ages. I hope your visit to the Bucks County Antique Gallery brings out the inner child in you!


Marlene Tegge

Marlene Tegge Owner of Bucks County Antique Gallery Inc.